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Why Beige Clothes

Well, because they inspire me, they transmit me peace. I am amazed with all those peachy blogs on tumblr, how beige looks on black skin, how it looks on white skin.
For me, fashion is a magic wand able to spark off imaginary scenarios, it is almost like travelling, travelling to different lives.

I believe in second-hand shopping, giving a second life to items. Beige color is also the color of vintage things, oldness, prettiness acquired with the pass of time.

My last beige purchase were beige converse, second-hand acquired through Wallapop. I love to combine them with jeans and red color.

Foto el 3-3-19 a las 16.56

Jacket: Thrifted Burberry’s – Jeans: &OtherStories. I’m sorry you can’t see the beige color of the sneakers on the pic

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