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Wedding Photos and Portraits of the Week | Rangefinder

Did you see our most recent Photos of the Day? In our daily series highlighting some of the most interesting images in wedding and portrait photography, the editorial staff asks the creatives behind the photos to detail the backstory and technical approach. Here’s what caught our eye this week.

A Bride Takes in the View Before Her Ceremony

Posing high up above the town of Leavenworth, Washington, the bride wore a dress that photographer Jessica Alderson knew she wanted to spotlight. “Instead of the snow-capped mountains and the changing larches,” she says, “I decided to have her stand alone above the town to capture the essence and warmth of her.”

Propping Up Vineyard’s Grapes as Wedding Holly

“If I must incorporate something, I like to utilize an item that is special to the couple or relates to the venue in some manner,” says Benjamin Edwards. In this case, the wedding photographer was shooting a wedding on a vineyard, so he reached for some grapes—and he swears he’s never gotten in trouble doing this before.

Using a Fan to Shoot Portrait with Movement and Blur

Photographer Braden Young met up with his good friend, Zoe Lazerson, who’s a lifestyle influencer, for some portraits at a studio. He wanted to experiment with a dreamier feel to them with added movement and intentional blur. He incorporated a fan to make it work.

Emphasizing Wedding Venue’s Architecture with a Prism

Sebastian Bravo of Arte Visual MF got to shoot a wedding at a former silver-smelting site in Guanajuato, Mexico, an area once known for its silver mining. The structure still regally stands, though slightly sloped and without a roof, having decayed since it was built in the 18th century. To emphasize its shape and form, Bravo reflected it with a prism.

After Two Failed Tries, Bouquet Toss Lands in Next Newlywed’s Hands

The aesthetic simplicity in storytelling with this image is commendable, but photographer Elena Lazuli shared an even better backstory. Whoever says bouquet tosses are pure superstition needs to read about this one.

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