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Wedding Photos and Portraits of the Week | Rangefinder

Have you seen our most recent Photos of the Day on social media? Each day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we feature a wedding photo or portrait that strikes us as one of the most interesting in its genre, and we ask the creatives behind the photos to detail the image’s backstory and their technical approach. Here’s what caught our attention this week.

Under The Sea

This image was photographed for a video boudoir course that portrait photographer Jasmin Jade was shooting for the Virtual Photography Conference by Audrey Woulard.
“We were shooting in an Airbnb and there was strong light coming through the veranda door,” the photographer explains. “I grabbed a chair and I had my model, Leslie, sit half in the light and half in the shadow. I had a golden sequin dress that I asked her to wear because I thought it would sparkle a lot for an interesting effect.”

Jasmin explains how the light from the sequins bounced back and was reflected in the model’s skin and everywhere else. “The door was open so I had Leslie sit sideways to the window, facing me as I started shooting through the glass.What I love about this image is that it has many layers. And because she had on blue eye makeup, I edited the whole photo with one of my presets to give the image a blue tone overall, adding an illusion of being under the sea.”

A Simple Yet Powerful Selfie

On Election Day, we opted for an image with a strong message, like this selfie of photographer and Peanut Press co-founder David Carol, urging people to get out and vote, no matter who you choose.

Says Carol: “We all make choices in life. I urge people to go out and make their choice. I choose to vote for empathy, honesty, and a better future for my kids.”

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Couple Amy and Rob decided to have a micro wedding in Galway, Ireland, with just close family, says wedding photographer Paul Duane. “They will celebrate with round 2 next year, hopefully when it’s safe to do so.”

Despite all the current pandemic restrictions and damage caused to the photo industry because of COVID-19, Duane says he loves the image because, at the end of the day “Love won! They said their “I Do’s” and managed to to have a great day.”

Milk Bath Beauty

“I have been doing many more intimate portraits and classes—like this FLORAL ARTE workshop—since all of my big weddings have been postponed due to the pandemic,” says Elizabeth Messina. “I actually love the work I am doing during these times; it’s much more mellow and artistic.”

Model: Sophia Bernard
Makeup: Gina Brooke Beauty
Flowers: Forage Florals

Vow Renewal

When couple Amina and Luis lost all their wedding photos, they asked Chile-based photographer Wieslaw Olejniczak to shoot their vow renewal on Playa las Cujas beach in Zapallas, Valparaíso, Chile. “They wanted ‘wedding like’ photos to remember, and I was happy to oblige,” says Olejniczak. “It’s from my first photo shoot since March, and while every wedding I had was postponed or rescheduled, now everything is slowly getting back on track.”

The other part of the story, says Olejniczak, is that Amina is “a great internationally-known photographer and with a completely different style from mine. It was exciting that given that, she still chose me to photograph her and Luis here, as they were seeking the natural-looking type of images that I always do.

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