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Have you seen our most recent Photos of the Day on social media? Each day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we feature a wedding photo or portrait that strikes us as one of the most interesting images in wedding and portrait photography, and we ask the creatives behind the photos to detail the image’s backstory and their technical approach. Here’s what caught our attention this week.

Shoe Envy

This unique detail shot by Ash Davenport of MIKI Studios was captured during a particularly damp and dreary day in London. “This is actually the last full wedding I captured, way back in December 2019,” says Davenport. “Rebecca and Harry had a central London wedding at Lansdowne Club, a private members club in the heart of Mayfair.”

Davenport recalls that on the way to the church, bride Rebecca was getting super nervous and didn’t want a camera pointing at her while she was trying to get out of the car and keep her dress from getting wet and dirty at the same time.

“I knew she had pretty special shoes on so I thought it best to focus on them instead,” the photographer recalls. “As I saw one of her legs emerge from the car, I quickly lowered my Sony a9 to the floor and caught a few frames. I got lucky with the yellow leading lines, which in my opinion finish the image off.”

Jamia in Wonderland

This shoot, by Regis and Kahran Bethencourt of CreativeSoul Photography in Atlanta was part of a collaboration with a children’s dress designer, LittleGunTank.

“We decided to do our take on the traditional Alice in Wonderland story,” say the photo duo who were just named as Canon Explorers of Light. They asked the designer to create an Alice-inspired dress utilizing African fabrics, while they had the hairstylist create a whimsical Afrocentric hairstyle to bring it all together.

“We love drawing inspiration from traditional stories and making it our own. The ability to create entirely new characters and inspire a brand new generation is empowering,” they say.

Dress: LittleGunTank
Hairstyling: Shanna Annise, Red Mystique Art
Makeup: Keya DeLarge
Model: Jamia Sayeed

Love Prevails

Couple Laura and Breda’s wedding went through four iterations because of COVID-19 restrictions—until they finally said, “Screw this, let’s just get married.”

“They planned this version with a week to go,” explains Dublin-based wedding photographer Katie Kavanagh, who earlier in the year photographed a series of “doortraits” during the pandemic lockdown.

“They had 11 guests for their ceremony and 24 for their reception—it was perfect. We spent half an hour photographing around Dublin City before their ceremony took place, leaving them loads of time with their friends and family at their drinks reception.”

This was the last photo of the shoot, shot very quickly so Kavanagh could “jump out of the way of an oncoming tram. To me this image says, ‘Love prevails.’”

In Silhouette

As the Canadian Prime Minister was urging all Canadians to return home to their country immediately because of COVID-19, Nova Scotia photographer Scott McIntyre was on vacation with his family in Costa Rica.

“I took this shot of my son on Santa Teresa beach in Costa Rica on March 15, 2020,” says McIntyre. “Because of the pandemic, our vacation was cut down to just four days, but during that time I tried my best to capture as many images of my family to try to salvage something from such a short vacation.”

McIntyre adds that “silhouettes are some of my absolute favorites to shoot of my son, and using a mirrorless camera like the Fujifilm X-Pro3 makes that process so much faster and easier, and allows me to still be in the moment with my family and be present.”

Livestreaming at a Micro Wedding

With their ceremony captured at Marylebone Town Hall in London by documentary wedding photographer Ami Robertson, couple Tor and Chris were grateful when a guest decided to livestream the event from their phone. “It was great that their family and friends could be a part of the emotional day, even remotely,” says Robertson.

“When the UK government suddenly announced that from September 28 on, they were reducing the guest numbers for weddings from 30 people to 15, this was a devastating blow for Tor and Chris,” explains Robertson, who also has a commercial brand, The Woman & The Wolf. “They were scheduled to get married on October 9 with 30 guests. Fortunately, they were able to reschedule and pull their wedding together in three days.”

Robertson says that in her ten years of photographing weddings, this will be the one she remembers the most. “This year has been so hard with nearly all my weddings postponed to 2021, and now it’s looking likely that 2021 weddings will want to postpone to 2022. My bookings are down on previous years and I am scared to open my 2022 diary because if we do get 2021 postponed, I know I won’t be able to fit three years-worth of work into one year. That’s why, with micro weddings like this one, where people are going for it anyway, that gives me hope. Love isn’t cancelled and there is still a place in this world for weddings, however big or small.”

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