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The Resiliency of Children During Tough Times | Rangefinder

After spending a few days in self-quarantine, wedding photographer Jason Vinson thought it would be a good idea to document what life has been like for his family during this historic time and show how in crisis, resiliency is key.

“The idea was to see how things changed over time after being stuck in the house for a prolonged period of time,” he explains. “What I quickly realized was just how resilient kids are. While my son Zayden misses seeing his family and friends, he has been quick to find new ways to be creative and pass the time, from making new friends with a T-rex to ‘looking for pigs’ while pretending to drive in a car as it’s parked in the garage.”

This time has also helped Vinson find new ways to stay creative, too. “The image [shown above] that looks like Zayden is looking out the window at a wall that says ‘quarantine’ is actually a silhouette against our TV as we are watching the movie Finding Dory. Totally unplanned, but as it popped up on the screen I made it work.”

Vinson says that not only are the images he’s taking at home is proving a fascinating documentation of this time, they are also “a great way to train my eye for wedding photography. If you want to get better at capturing moments on a wedding day, then capturing moments of a two-year-old running around the house all day is a great way to practice. It’s like a wedding photography boot camp!”

As for the end goal for these images, Vinson says they will definitely be turned into an album at some point. “We will be having our second child any day now so these images will also serve as a way of showing her arrival. But I would also like another way to share these images and the story behind them; I’m just not certain about what that looks like yet. But I think the moral of this story is that while the COVID-19 crisis is viewed as a historic time, in reality, every day with your family is a historic time you’ll never get back. So I’d love for these images to be a reminder as to why capturing your family’s everyday life is so important at any time.”

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