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Less is more… well, that’s false

Utterly false. But I think that this sentence express a lot about our occidental culture in which more is a synonym of better.
As a general basis we always want more: more money, more time, more friends, more sex, more influence, more power, ¡More Wine! more, more more…
But we must know that more doesn’t necessary means better, or even good. Of course it tends to be easier to live and to manage when we don’t lack of goods to trade with life, specially if we have some kind of specific goals to achieve in life.

Several authors have stablished the point that now, in our society we suffer not for the absence of things but for its excess we are sick of excess, and I think that it is just what happens. Everyday we are exposed to an incalculable number of stimulus, from the “natural” such as the sound of birds in the morning or the traffic in the streets to the every rime more and more aggressive ones expelled by the media. T.V. and Internet are designed not only to be super effective in order to catch our attention, but also to be addictive; lights, sounds, sensations (everyday food gets more aggressive in that matter too), we are getting more of everything, but is it making us happier?

I honestly think that it just makes us desperate for fulfill the need of those stimuli again and again, and since they came for a reasonable price, we think that we are ok, but we are not. Right now if we manage to detox of almost anything in our lives we will experiment an upgrade in tranquility, in focusing, in health. I experimented this when I quit coffee. Yes I know how hard it is to quit coffee, it is delicious and necessary, but let’s accept it, we are addicts. When I first quit coffee I had abstinence syndrome, my head hurt a lot and I slept all the evening for three days, but then when I got somehow stabilized, I felt an absence of anxiety I couldn’t have even imagined before, I thought: “god damn, I reached the Satori state even without trying it”, not really, I was the same douchebag as always, but that was the effect of not having caffeine in my veins, and that felt good.

Once in a while I manage to meditate, it has a similar effect, less thoughts, less intoxication. I’m an avid carnivore, but when I started a based on vegetables regime, that was good too. It takes just a couple of days away from our cellphones and computers to our brains to get relaxed and to give us better responses.

This reflexion came to me the other day when I send a short story for a friend of me to read it and give me her critic opinion. She answered me with some very useful and thoughtful advices, and in one of them, she suggested to eliminate a couple of lines saying: “don’t explain this, remember: less is more”. I got the idea, by taking off from the story the narrative improves, but not because it was more, but precisely because it was less, and less is what the story needed.

So, yes, I insist, more is what we want, is what we dream of, but in some special cases we might not need more but less, less is not more, less is less, and sometimes that is just better