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How to Focus-CIT®

Cleanse and tone the skin in the treatment area thoroughly with your preferred Environ pre-cleanser, cleanser and toner, then tap the Environ Focus-CIT firmly onto the skin. You may not feel any sensation but treat in overlapping patterns until the area has been thoroughly covered. One can easily go closer to the eyelashes of the lower eyelid, and treat the recesses of the upper eyelid and the difficult areas at the side of the nose. Follow with your Environ skincare products as recommended to you by your skin care professional. After use, clean your instrument -the Environ Focus-CIT® should always be stored in its container for maximum hygiene and safety. Use the Cosmetic Focus – CIT once a week initially and then every second day for the second week and slowly increase the frequency of use until you are using the Cosmetic Focus – CIT once a day. The more frequent the Cosmetic Focus – CIT sessions, the better the results.

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