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Eye-Catching Portraits and Photos of the Week

This week, we highlight a range of images with great visual impact, including a Greek sunset wedding, a dance composite, soft evening light on the boardwalk, bold colors against an iconic backdrop, and a mix of low- and high-key lighting for a documentary-style wedding shoot.

When asked what he loves about this image, Sanjay Jogia of Eye Jogia Photo + Cinema says it’s several things—”the overall balance of visual impact, the balance of light that honors the location, and the intimacy of the wedding and wedding party which is offset by the passerby [look closely!] who is looking in on this beautiful moment.”

sunset Greek wedding with great visual impact.© Sanjay Jogia

Jogia continues: “Photographing a wedding during sunset on a Greek island with this landscape demands an approach that rises to the occasion. I knew I had to illuminate the ceremony with the sun setting in the background, but the sun is always the brightest point of the image. The obvious choice for me was to use graduated filters to balance the look and feel of the scene in camera to encapsulate the majesty of the scene without needing to reply on heavy post-production.”

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Jerry Taliaferro says this image of dancer Silka Bey, from his project, Dance Noire, about African American Dance was a one to execute.

dance composite© Jerry Taliaferro

“It’s a composite of a high-speed and long-exposure shot, combined in Photoshop,” he explains. “One shot was done at about f/8 and 1/250 of a sec. and the long exposure was choreographed as an 8- second exposure at f/8, ISO 200.

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Syed Yaqeen says this image, taken on Coney Island’s boardwalk, was created “during the soft evening light, complemented by Kodak film. The color tones all work together harmoniously. I just love the beautiful soft feel of the image. The client loved it as well.”

great visual impact that's subtle and strong,© Syed Yaqeen

Talk about great visual impact! Majorca wedding photographer Wieslaw Olejniczak took this image (below) at Son Marroig Mansion in Majorca, Spain. “Located on a clifftop between Valldemossa and Deià, Son Marroig is one of the most iconic wedding venues in Mallorca,” says Olejniczak, “thanks to its stunning marble temple on the cliff edge that provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the Mediterranean.”

Bridal party in Majorca.© Wieslaw Olejniczak 

“I love this image because of its ‘Ektar film look’ colors,” says the photographer. “It also represents the Son Marroig venue quite well, and bride Nataly “just loved it so much.” It took a long time for her to find a wedding photographer because she was placing so much importance on the photography. This photo was inspired by how she wanted to look and feel with her best friends on her wedding day.”

Wedding planner: @mc.eventplanner
Wedding Dress: @pronovias
Venue: @son_marroig
Flowers: @florscanpellisseta

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“Everything about this image, of mom peeking in to see if her daughter and grand child are ready to go—is what makes me giddy about photography,” says San Diego-based wedding and family documentary photographer Antoine Didienne of 147 Photos.

great visual impact of documentary-style wedding.© Antoine Didienne

“It is a perfect moment that conveys how I love layering stories in my wedding photography—these very rare candid moments of storytelling are very precious to me. There is no context needed here because everything is in the picture. This image was a bit difficult to achieve technically because of the mix of very low- and high-key lighting I had to get without blowing my highlights on the bride’s dress and pale skin. But it worked!”

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