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Eye-Catching Portraits and Photos of the Week

This week, we highlight a range of images—from boudoir and wedding to portraits taken underwater, on top of the water, and in the studio.

Sarah Teveldal of Flashpool Productions won first place in the category “Underwater Art” in the 11th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest with this image, titled “A Happy Bunch.” It’s of underwater performer, free diver and four-time World Champion Synchronized Swimmer Kristina Makushenko. “I worked with her to get this colorful, fun-spirited image,” says Teveldal. “Balloons can be difficult to work with underwater, but we are both underwater enthusiasts who appreciate a challenge! The trick to working with the balloons is achieving a nearly neutral buoyancy. To do this, you must fill them with the right water-to-air ratio which is mostly water and just a tiny breath of air.”

underwater photo of woman with balloons for Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest.© Sarah Teveldal/Flashpool Productions

Teveldal adds it took two sets of balloons to get them just right. “The first set was negatively buoyant and Makushenko had a difficult time getting them in the right position. We were successful with the second set of balloons when I left a little more room for air. Makushenko was then able to achieve the playful pose and look we were aiming for with just several submersions.” 

Post-production on this image, says Teveldal, included enhancing the colors to make them pop, removing the tile border and cleaning up the pool debris (as there had been a heavy tropical storm just the day before!). “While it might be a slightly ‘ordinary’ image above water, we were ecstatic to bring this concept to life in the water. “Our preferred medium that always adds a touch of magic, whimsicality and unpredictability!” View all the winning images from the Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest here.

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Noel Del Pilar is a Puerto Rico-based photographer who specializes in destination weddings, corporate headshots, and beauty/fashion photography for commercial clients locally and abroad.

portrait of woman with yellow background,© Noel Del Pilar

This image (above) was photographed with a Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon EF 85 f/1.4, a Lastolite collapsible gray background, a MagMod MagBeam and Rogue Flash Color Gels.

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Rae Humenick of Boudoir by Rae Taryn says her approach to boudoir photography is to “shoot darker and moodier images using shadows to create visual interest as well as to flatter my clients,” she explains. “In shooting boudoir, one of the things I hear most is how my clients are nervous because they always hate how they look in family pictures. Or they tell me ‘Hide my belly.’ The beautiful thing about knowing how to utilize shadows is that I don’t have to really do much to hide anything and give my clients images that make them feel proud, confident and beautiful.”

boudoir in studio© Rae Taryn Photography

This next image (below) is also by Boudoir by Rae Taryn. Humenick says that she used to think of herself as someone who liked “warm “light and airy” images, but once she started shooting in her own studio, she found herself drawn to darker and cooler vibes…”but my studio has a massive window wall, so I have also learned to embrace natural light as well.”

boudoir of woman with satin sheets over her.© Rae Taryn Photography

The reflection in the image below, says photographer Rachel Burt, was “the happiest accident. We were messing about on the beach, taking some much simpler wedding portraits, and when we turned around, there it was! I just love photographing reflections. It’s an excuse to be playful and create something spectacular out of something so simple. And my goodness did Rhosneigr beach offer up something spectacular that day!”

bride and groom on water image.© Rachel Burt Photography

The photographer adds that she was so grateful that the couple was up for anything that day—”Jess’s dress got utterly trashed but she didn’t care,” Rachel explains. “She trusted me completely and was over the moon with the results. The image almost looks like Jess and Dan are walking on water, which I love. It’s incredibly serene, and calm, and yet bursting with joy, too.”

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