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Dr Des Fernandes Story

Micro-Needling is arguably one of the most popular professional and at-home skincare treatments today. Consumers are focusing more on skin health and using the power of at-home skincare technology to optimise results. While the world may be experiencing a Micro-Needling

revolution today, it was Dr Des Fernandes (Founder and Scientific Director of Environ) who pioneered this innovative technology more than 20 years ago. Dr Des Fernandes’ extensive medical research in the field of vitamin A and skin regeneration proved that this essential skin normalising vitamin strengthened the stratum corneum to such a remarkable degree that it was imperative to innovate a new way to get more vitamin A delivered to the skin to enhance the benefits and achieve better results. Environ pioneered Micro-Needling Technology in the 1990s. This was the birth of medical and surgical needling treatments of wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, burn scars, and, very soon after, Environ launched the first cosmetic roller to the world.

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