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A new era in fashion

It is quite surprising the incredible change that the fashion industry has suffered over the last years. When everything surrounding fashion seemed to be just a money making machine the consciousness and the digitalization finally appeared and made that everything changed radically.

The golden years of the luxury and consumerism have arrived to an end. Nobody, with a minimal ethical view, and a tight salary, would think right now about fashion as something important in their lives and where to spend high amounts of money.

Has the era of the fashion seen as something purely basic in our day-to-day life finally arrived ? Is it finally here the UNISEX movement and the sustainable side of business? Or is it just marketing? I am fed up with all the “respectful with nature” fake tags all over the stores. It will take years and years until this become really true. The big bosses of the industry are not ready to do what it takes, or yes? For now, when it comes to benefits, companies are still quite far from introducing this new ethic in their production process and facing the huge amounts of money that they need to change it all.

The forced digitalization of the fashion business has arrived with an insane chaos inside of the companies and has shaken everything up. It is certainly the end of the world as we know it. The pandemic has created a new order inside this business, it has arrived pushing to move on into the new era of the social distancing and positioning the laptop as the global window to the world of the brands. What we have not realized about yet is that the social media will change as well necessarily. Will people change their mind as well about this? Will we distance ourselves as well from our contacts digitally? Is it the end as well of the false and showing off relationships that we have in our social media channels?

Well, let’s see how many Instagram and Twitter accounts will be erased after all the overexposing that we have had over the last years. And how many fashion brands will take a different direction when it comes to reach their target.

It is a revolution!